War of the worlds: open world video game, led by
QUARKS IA, without limits.

An open world video game is a type of video game in which the player is given the freedom to explore a virtual world without significant restrictions. In these games, the player is free to move around a vast and detailed virtual world, interact with non-playable characters, complete quests and objectives, and generally have the ability to make decisions that affect the story or development of the game. Open world video games often offer a more immersive and personalized gaming experience, as the player has the ability to create their own adventure in the virtual world.

Imagine and experience

Tell QUARKS to do it

Enjoy the video game

The video game we are creating is about a war of worlds. The story is that aliens contacted humans 200 years ago, humans adopted their technology, to create weapons of mass destruction, ships, protective armor, interstellar travel, etc.

And the humans declare war on the visitors from the stars, taking you to various levels of the game, where each level you fight with a race of beings from other planets, and each level up you will have more difficult beings to destroy.

This game can be used on any device from VR, any PC even Mobile. with the ability to adapt the quality of the resolution so that no one misses the opportunity to participate.