QUARKS EXCHANGE It is an online digital platform, which allows the exchange of digital currencies for Fiat money, merchandise or other Cryptocurrencies.

Using a crypto exchange is beneficial:

1. Security: Crypto exchanges usually have high security standards, which helps protect your cryptocurrencies from possible cyber attacks.

2. Wide selection of cryptocurrencies: Crypto exchanges often offer a wide selection of cryptocurrencies, allowing you to diversify your portfolio and have access to lesser-known cryptocurrencies.

3. Liquidity: Crypto exchanges often have a large number of users who are buying and selling cryptocurrencies, which means that you can buy and sell your cryptocurrencies quickly and easily.

4. Trading tools: Many crypto exchanges offer advanced trading tools, such as limit orders and stop-loss, allowing you to have more control over your trades.

5. Accessibility: Crypto exchanges are available online 24 hours a day, allowing you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from anywhere at any time.




There are two types of Exchange. Decentralized (DEX) which do not operate under the rules of the central banks of each country, are developed in the free market, thus allowing decentralization and privacy of user capital.

The other is called Centralized (CEX), which operates under the rules of the central banks, informing the movements of each user who previously has to do a KYC (Know your client) to provide their information in order to supervise the regulatory entities and retain the assets in case the justice asks for it.

What makes QUARKS different from other Exchanges, is that we have an Artificial Intelligence "QUARKS IA" uses the best strategies and algorithms to analyze the market and be more effective in trading. The artificial intelligence QUARKS AI is being trained to trade. And so users can use trading algorithms based on artificial intelligence to make investment decisions. These algorithms can analyze large amounts of data, detect patterns and trends that humans may miss.

Also QUARKS AI will be able to learn and adjust your investment strategies based on past results. That this has an AI that helps the user to perform market analysis, predictions and management of the operation remotely (YES! like Alexa and Siri) thus maximizing their profits and giving their users a remarkable benefit of operating, managing , reduce risks and gain users who do not know and those who are learning with operating examples reducing their learning curve and also those who are not interested in knowing but want to improve their heritage.