Stake $QUARKS in a cryptocurrency wallet in order to support the network and receive rewards for it.

This process is known as Proof of Stake (PoS) and is used as an alternative to Proof of Work (PoW), which is the method used by Bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency staking can bring several benefits, some of them are:

1. Passive earnings: By staking, you can earn rewards for keeping your cryptocurrencies in a wallet or staking platform. These rewards can vary by cryptocurrency and platform, but are often higher than the interest rates offered by traditional banks.

2. Security in the network: By staking, you are helping to maintain the network of the cryptocurrency in which you are participating. By keeping a significant amount of cryptocurrency in a staking wallet, you are contributing to the security and stability of the network, which can help prevent malicious attacks.

3. Participation in network governance: Some staking platforms allow participants to vote on network governance decisions. If you have a significant amount of staked cryptocurrency, you can have a say in decisions that close to the network.

4. Diversification of your portfolio: By staking cryptocurrencies, you are diversifying your portfolio and reducing the risk of having all your cryptocurrencies in a single currency.



Crypto passive earnings.

We can compare staking in the traditional market to a fixed term in traditional banking, but since it is a decentralized system, the one who gets all the benefits is the user.

Very different from how in traditional banking that uses your money recklessly thanks to the fractional reserve law, generates inflation causing the currency to lose value, always with the risk of losing your capital by breaking the bank that does not tolerate a bank run caused due to mismanagement of assets and mismanagement of monetary policy to the benefit of the politicians on duty. Giving as an example what happened with the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy triggering the 2008 crisis together with the bankruptcy of hundreds of banks.

This was the crisis that gave life to Bitcoin and the decentralized world, giving strength to the Chinese proverb "crises bring opportunities" and exposing how reckless the bureaucrats in charge of monetary policies and bad banking practices are traditional.

By making a Stake in $QUARKS AI it will give many benefits such as:
1 Governance opportunity and voting on important decisions about the future of QUARKS AI.

2 During the Token stage, receive rewards for staking, blocking liquidity and favoring the growth of the project. In the Cryptocurrency stage, receive rewards by being part of the validators of transactions both paid in QUARKS COIN.

3 Participate in the DAO of the QUARKS IA network to participate in private pre-sales in future Tokens hosted on the QUARKS IA Blockchain, accessing the lowest price of the launch stage, increasing your profits.

Now it’s your turn.

By staking your cryptocurrencies, you are helping to secure the network and validate transactions, which in turn allows you to earn rewards in the form of additional tokens of the cryptocurrency in question. Staking has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its energy efficiency and its ability to reduce centralization in cryptocurrency mining.