QuarksBusiness Metaverse

As a business model, the QUARKS AI enterprise metaverse has many benefits, including:

1. Cost reduction: the use of virtual technologies makes it possible to reduce production and maintenance costs of industrial infrastructures and systems, since simulations and tests can be carried out in virtual environments before implementing them in the real world.

2. Efficiency improvement: the business metaverse of QUARKS IA makes it possible to optimize processes and improve efficiency in decision-making, since company data and information can be viewed in real time.

3. Flexibility: Companies can quickly adapt to changes in the market and new customer demands, since virtual technologies allow the creation of new products and services more quickly and efficiently.

4. Collaboration: The QUARKS IA business metaverse facilitates collaboration between different departments and work teams, since information and resources can be shared more efficiently.

5. Safety improvement: the simulation of risk situations in virtual environments makes it possible to improve safety in industrial processes with the use of smart contacts, minimizing the risks of accidents and reducing the costs associated with them.

6. Sustainability: the business metaverse of QUARKS IA allows to improve sustainability and the simulation of risk situations in virtual environments allows to improve security in business processes, minimizing the risks of accidents and reducing costs associated with them and preparing the staff for eventual situations. QUARKS IA allows improvements from the environment to profitability

7 Access to education: at all levels, regardless of where the user is, they can access faculties, courses, debates and talks, making it cheaper and facilitating the expansion of the most important tool in this world, knowledge.

Cost reduction



An enterprise metaverse is a term that refers to a virtual online world that simulates a physical space where business activities such as manufacturing planning, logistics, and supply chain management take place. In this virtual world, users can interact with virtual objects and environments, collaborate with other users, and perform the tasks that their job role entails.

A business metaverse can be used for training and education in the business sector, simulation of processes and operations, warehouse planning and factory planning, for supply chain management, office work and all kinds of meetings. Making remote collaboration and real-time communication between collaborators from different parts of the world very effective, improving the profitability of the company avoiding trips, rentals, accommodation, per diems and many other expenses, improving times in moments of urgency. Improving exponentially the performance of the company.

In the same way, facilitating the possibilities of the academic world to be able to access universities without having to go to the country of origin, facilitating learning at a global level. QUARKS IA AND METAVERSE, is creating a business metaverse that will offer all the services before mentioned, all these services can be purchased with the QUARKS COIN currency.