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The best assistant created with a neural network with different capabilities, educated to analyze the market, buy and sell assets, with GPT4 chat capabilities, creating experiences, creating images, creating and editing animated videos, creating excel documents, tutor with artificial intelligence, psychologist with artificial intelligence, creating musical Beats, creating code for mobile applications for all operating systems, web pages from text. And educating himself in other areas.

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The project consists of the tokenization of 74,000 kg of gold from the Poechos dam and 5,800 kg of gold from the San Lorenzo dam, both in the Piura region. Gold is found in the form of particles dragged by water from the mountains and accumulated at the bottom of the dams.

The project has the support of a consortium and a government, which provides a high degree of security and confidence to the investment. Blockchain technology will be used to tokenize gold, which allows the creation of a digital representation of gold that can be transferred and traded securely and transparently.

We have mining concessions in different locations in Peru, of which we have deemed convenient to allocate the first title, a mining concession of 100 hectares, located in the department of Arequipa, province of Caravelí and district of Huanuhuanu. The title is registered under code Nº010100923, Approved on 05/02/2023.

Which contains an approximate 1850 kg of mineable gold, conservatively, which has been ascertained with satellite surveys, and mapped the area with high penetration sensors from satellites and analyzed with artificial intelligence. This concession will be allocated in its entirety from the extracted minerals to the gold reserve for the backing and value support of the QUARKS AI coin cryptocurrency.

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$QUARKS IA advises you from market price trends,makes you provide trading algorithms,can even do the trading for you and assists you in everything you want.
Accelerate all your creative processes and reduce creation time, optimize the productivity of your daily activities, you can even chat and vent your frustrations with QUARKS AI, it will be your friend and assistant when you need it most.


Get to know the NFTs created for the Artificial Intelligence Boom


$Quarks IA useful for trading

Quarks AI is based on algorithms and computer systems that can process large amounts of data and learn from it to improve their performance.

Make your money work for you, earn throughout the day.


$QUARKS open world video game

There really will not be 2 identical stories, in an economy where you will need products, services and commodities where the creativity and skills you generate will give you endless experiences.

In a P2P (Peer-to-peer) interaction with other users and NPC (non-playable-character) and a world full of possibilities like creating sub species, interacting with creatures, fighting against tyranny and why not become a tyrant, without them our eternal fight for freedom would not be so challenging and exciting.


QUARKS IA will create its own Blockchain

It will start on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) chain, also called the BEP20 network as a Token, while creating its own Layer 1 blockchain to have all the benefits of network scalability. Having your own Blockchain is important because it allows transactions to be verified and recorded, in a secure and transparent manner.

QUARKS IA is layer 2 of the blockchain dedicated to the development of Artificial Intelligence.

More opportunities to earn in all aspects of your life.
Applicable in L1
A blockchain is a distributed database that records transactions in a secure and transparent manner. This technology allows the stored data to be an immutable and decentralized record, which means that there is no central bank or many banks subject to reporting, among they all control the information of their users and thus take out of our profits at ease and pleasure a large part of the work and risks that we assume.
Truly Decentralization
The Blockchain allows Cryptocurrency and Token transactions to be verified and recorded securely, without the need for an intermediary. In addition, the technology is also being used in other fields, such as supply chain monitoring, electronic voting, digital identity management and an endless number of uses, making QUARKS IA a base to develop the projects that are going to take this new industrial revolution to another level.
Immensely scalable, ultra low-cost transactions combine with empowering infrastructure to create a blockchain that can expand  the abilities of the global economy with the economics of AI.

Reduce costs and increase the speed of operations without having to request permits or reporting reasons.

Q2 2024:

Launch of the website.
Enlistment in CMC and CGK.
QUARKS AI staking platform launched.
Launch of the QUARKS AI Gold reserve platform.
Have 3k holders

Q3 2024

QUARKS AI beta version launched.
QUARKS AI listing in Bitget.

Q4 2024

QUARKS AI enhancements and upgrades.
Launch of the NFTs market place with the first collection of NFTs.
Enlistment of QUARKS AI on BYBIT.

Q1 2025

QUARKS AI sportsbook launched
Launches of the QUARKS AI education platform, where courses on artificial intelligence, personal development, blockchain, e-commerce, cryptocurrency, technical market analysis, affordable prices purchased with QUARKS AI coin.
Listing of QUARKS AI coin on

Q2 2025

Launch of the “QUARKS AI” Streaming platform STREAM”.
Launch of the QUARKS AI blockchain.
Enlistamiento de QUARKS AI a exchanges.
Have 1 million Holders.

Q3 2025

QUARKS AI Exchange Launched with Intelligence artificial.
Launch of a QUARKS AI credit and debit card and of a system of agreements with international companies for trade.
Artificial intelligence updates.
QUARKS AI Enlistment.

Q4 2025

QUARKS open-world video game released AI “war of words”
Video game mega events with a system donations and international bets.
QUARKS AI listings to exchanges

Q1 & Q2 2026

Launch of the industrial metaverse created with artificial intelligence.
Technological innovation in 6G.
Creation of an independent connectivity network and decentralized
We will continue to innovate.


Development team experts in building neural networks for AI, developing on the blockchain since 2009.